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cannot get used with 5 digit.


Does someone have a idea for me to change the 5 digit price in 4 digit.
My broker switch to 5 digit and i cannot get used to it, make already misstakes with my SL and TP settings.

Is there something you can changes in the MT4 terminal you get 4 digit?


No one an idea?

I mean the price in the Terminal if you open a order and want to put your SL and TP.
Example buy price 1.61162 and i want to put a SL from 30 pips TP 30 pips .


272 viewers and no one has an idea or knows how to changes in MT4 the digits?

Hi Peldoman,

I don't think it is possible to change this in metatrader as it is broker dependant, but if you want to make cosmetic change, you can use Market Magnifier Price (4digits), and you will see the price in 4 digits instead of 5 (Be aware, though, it will show a price rounded, so 1.30213 or 1.30208 will show 1.3021)

For your problem with SL or TP you can use an EA that will handle this for you.


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Thank You Iff75 , i remember i read a few years ago that it is possible to
change the digit in the MT4 terminal.
But maybe it was then and you can,t do this today.

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