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Hey All

Could anyone recommend any charting software?

I plan to use tradestation or something similar, but while I'm testing a few systems I just need something that can:

1) Display at least daily EOD commodity futures data
2) Display COT data
3) Be able to display indicators based on your own ideas (preferably without having to spend hours coding them in)
4) Run your own strategies over historical data to see how they go.

Thanks guys, looking forward to any replies



No.1,2,4 can be obtained from META-TRADER but NO.3 seems to be a hard match no matter which platform u use(quotetracker/esignal/tradestation/speedtrade/amibroker/metaquotes/metastocks)


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What about trying Think Or Swim as a broker for charting. They have a super flexible layout with floting charts, have a lot of studies and the ability to program your own in their language. They also have Prophet charts if you are familiar with them. A lot of choices and is free with an open account. You can even paper trade if you like.


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There is ProRealTime (Free - Online) but this is mostly for stocks. It used to have volume data - but I can not find it now. You can code in it but I have not done that before.


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How about Multicharts ?

MultiCharts will do what you want. The language is relatively easy to pick up. It is a resource hog however. I used MC for a long time but I am using SierraChart now, it is just more efficient. However the language is straight C++ so its a steep learning curve if you have never programmed.


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I have programmed extensively in Amibroker, Ninja (NT7), MetaTrader 4 and Metastock.

Programmability in Metastock is a "Joke", although I have to admit that I've seen many individuals achieving amazing feats with it, particularly its Expert Advisor. Overall, it gets very slow very fast and follows severely amputated programming paradigm as compared to any other software.

NT7 and MT4 are pretty easy to navigate for those who come from a programming background. What I mean is that they adhere to programming paradigms and philosophy a little more rigidly. In both of these, the programmer has 100% control over where how an Indicator will be rendered on the screen. Both require a compilation step. Both seem to be reasonably comprehensive but MT4 is definitely a notch better than NT7.

In contrast of these two, Amibroker (ver 5.3 onwards) steers clear of their limitation in a very unique way thereby creating an excellent
platform for newbie as well as experienced.

What typically consumes 250 lines in Ninja and 200 lines in MT4 can be accomplished in 15 lines in Amibroker; Of course, you do need some skill in figuring out the precise contents of those 15 lines ...

Of course, those with programming background can grasp things faster but Amibroker does accomodate newbies and allows them to experiment.

In short, Amibroker is excellent for experienced while offering sufficiently relaxed environ for clueless folks. If you plan to algo trade, both NT and MT4 are slightly ahead of the curve w.r.t Amibroker, but this may change in next release.

About the only feature of Amibroker that annoys me is it enjoys making several copies of the source code that gets activated if you ever save and close a "chart" and analysis templates. If you mistakenly close the chart and analysis template, but subsequently edit the master copy of source AFL and then reopen the chart, Amibroker will disregard the more recent master copy and instead it will stubbornly hold onto the outdated version (often without explicit warning). Help document does provide a reasonable explanation as to why this feature is necessary, but it is still a minor annoyance.

P.S: I have no marketing objective for providing feedback on any of the software and I do not represent any of these companies.


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i liked both esignal &tradestation b/c of the (free) downloads available on the internet.if u have a specific idea, its amazing how someone seemed to already have at least basic code started for it


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My vote goes for ninjatrader. Its a pretty robust platform for programming in strategies though I don't have much experience in that arena. What I like most about it is being able to use the market replay feature for testing strategies.


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I am using Ninja Trader nowadays. I think it is a good platform for programmers. mastermind007 how long it will take me to learn programming for NinjaTrader? Is it possible to get most out of this software without knowing programming?


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I am using Ninja Trader nowadays. I think it is a good platform for programmers. mastermind007 how long it will take me to learn programming for NinjaTrader? Is it possible to get most out of this software without knowing programming?


Ninja is definitely a good software. Naturally, knowing programming will improve its usability but having said that, you have to realize that Primary focus of Ninja is trader. Person who got me seriously started on Ninja is not a programmer (he pays me to do that work for him) but he is a damn good trader. I've seen him do 100 pip profit in under 5 mins.

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