Do / Can we have Group Buy

Do / Can we have Group Buy

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We have over more than 55,000 members, presently.

Do we have Group Buy mechanism to Buy few Gem, which otherwise is not available?

Even if just, 1000 member can come forward, we can buy a Book/Course/Software that possibly cost around USD 3,000 for as little as USD 3 per Member.

Admin, Kindly look into this and expedite the matter, we all can gain, if stand united.


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The MODS have come together and collectively agree to keep all Group Buys private.
Please PM each other or use external emails for that purpose.
We don't believe in Group Buy as it goes against the very core belief of this forum, which is to share things freely.
Thank you for understanding.


I very much appreciate the view in sharing educational resources for free, but the point that i was making is not to go against the forum rules, but to bring in something which is not available out there and we can have it. Anyway, and trust, I did not offence.

I liked the spirit.

There is one area that a group ought to be able to come together and that would be to commission some work done by an expert/contractor i.e "Crowd Funding" like some movies are financed. Would this be correct? I think this mode is ethical. Imagine what the combined resources of even 1% of us could achieve in this era of fast algorhythmic trading. There are tens or hundreds of thousands of individuals allowing a part of their CPU power to analyse SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) radio telescope data. A scheme like this might work from one segment individual analysis (say) of Pair xxxyyy in z timeframe through all 30 or so pairs and 9 timeframes and data combined, evaluated and re-dstributed to the group in real time. It might be almost as good as the InterBank network lol.


i am not interested to joining this group...i thinks this is nonlegal group...
Let me see if I have this correct. You think this is a nonlegal forum and you are not interested in joining.....but you joined anyway.


like to joint the groub
There is no group. They were just asking if they can do a group buy if a number of members want to combine and make a purchase when an interesting system/indicator comes available.