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futures & options are like weapons of mass does it go?


futures & options are like weapons of mass does it go?

Hi guys
I am quoting words of a big trader.
Futures & options are like weapons of mass does it go?
Of course they destroy only those who trade futures n options.
if you trade equity they cant do a thing to you.
THEY CAN SEE what we do where we place buy or sell or stop orders. WE cant see what they do until after event is over.pity is exchanges help them and screw us retail traders by blocking right information when needed.

When you trade futures,you tend to win small for say 6 trades.then suddenly on the next trade you find hell breaks loose,on your long trade the price falls by a whoopping 5%,straight down.
you are just trapped. no way out exists unless you are a long term trader with ton of capital.
The way things happen is this.
Long trade.
you buy at price xxx.
on a fine day when you are relaxed and unprepared,the price falls by 5%. then after a long time it recovers 1% or 2% but never to level of initial treacherous fall of 5%.
Short trade
you sell a futures at yyy.
price goes well on your track for 3 days.
on the 4th day,the price rallies like an overnight flood and moves up by 6%.
you wait n wait.but the price never goes your way.
finally,after a long while price,falls by 1% and you exit with 5% loss.

why this happens?
it happens to drain your account.
the groups can see all orders and crowd is doing trades in a particular direction,he smart group drives market opposite the crowd and sink the crowd.
The trader thinks my hecking tripple edge system failed and he goes for tetra edge trading by casey ubbs or json flder.
but his woes never end.
his stoploss fails on that critical day.

We talked to big traders about this so called TAIDS(Traders aids which kills traders and their accounts).they dont give clues.
one guy told you need to do hedged trades. buy futures then buy puts and use a stoploss for wrong side.

Is there a better idea ?
an ordinary trader has no ability to strike an answer.

do you know the institutional orders dontt show up on your regular volume chart untill next day?
how you trade if you cant even see the real traded volume?

They do it to you. but you cant do it to them.(they =institutions, you=retail trader)
My mentor told
DO it to them before they do it to you.
I cant ever figure out when they are going to do it so i cant do anything to them.
Could you?
any ideas?
Probably no.

I dont mean to create fear in futures traders. i mean to tell them keep your trading journal and if you cant make profits think twice.
Let us look into possible solutions to improve futures trading.
1. Try to keep your trade short tme based one.
2.use a tight stoploss few points.(More benefit for your broker-he gets rich faster)
3.Look for less frequent,optimal entries that occur less.
4 high power hint
suppose you had an idea how the market may move like this.
initially price is in a narrow range(accumulation big brothers buying)-market moves in a wrong direction(it has idea to go down,but it goes up? becoz it needs novices to trap),finally after trapping enough of stupid traders ,it moves in the right direction-real way goes down fast very fast-all buyers screwed up.
narrow range-a wrong directional move-a right directional move.
you were anxious not to miss the bus-you bought in first phase -it never moved-you exited-novice 1 kicked out.
you entered in wrong move,went long-suddenly mkt reverses-you are dead.
the smart trader comes and enters as market begins right direction move-he sits over the horse and horse takes him to places.
So, you got the full story.
tell me now,
If you a bit clever guy,what would you do if thrown into such situation?


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