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Futures Spread Trading

Does anyone here spread trading in the futures market? If so, can you please discuss your system that you use and what you look for when entering & exiting a spread?


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Spreading markets

Spreading markets

Reversion to mean for correlated products is the heart of strong software offerings like Autospreader from TT.



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I'm using as broker for futures spread trading.

Next, I use the software to find good trading opportunity, because you mainly want to trade periodical seasonal moves and it's excellent software for seasonal analysis. That's all what I need.

If you are new to spread trading, I would suggest you to consider some education. Either read some book or take some class. I can recommend you Andy Jordan ( ). Also Joe Ross has good book about spread trading.

Show overview how I personally finding good spreads (using SeasonAlgo search modul)

- I want to see nice seasonal pattern (high correlation in corr5 column)
- I don't want to buy spread at historical highs, I'm looking for spreads at historical lows (Extr% column)
- I watch very carefully Stacked Chart, where is spread compared to previous years, I want space for profit. Last five years are more important to me.
- What is price action of current spread? I like supports or double bottoms where I can put SL below

That's it, nothing complicated. The most important thing is MM. Don't risk to much, when spreads goes against me (something really wrong with fundamentals, cold US winter, Putin in Ukraine - energies, PED on Lean Hogs etc) I go out on SL.There are time when seasonality goes perfectly, other times when it doesn't go well. You just need to survive bad times with good MM. You can't turn on "hope mode", you must respect your SL.
Moore Research Center has done a lot of work with commodity trading and spread trading based on seasonal factors for most of the futures markets.


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Futures Spread Trading

So again, do I really have to go through all of this to simply trade futures??

Please tell me there is an easier platform for Futures trading??
Alternatives to Ninja?

Let me know, thanks

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