Good STock Screeners


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Just wanted to share some stock screeners I use


Looking for one that has Shareholders yield as one of the screeners.


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Pristine ESP is pretty good and GarsWorld Power Scan..depends on what you need to screen for.. I just use basic screeners for daytrading


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Would anyone with the know-how be able to set up a CANSLIM-style screener? I've been taking a few shots at it myself, but I'm not sure of the efficacy of my attempts. I enjoyed IBD's screens when I was subscribed for a trial period and I'd like to set up a custom screen that can emulate their IBD 50 as best I can.

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Just wondering what kind of filters that you guys use stock screener for?

Do you screen stock based on fundamentals like PE, ROI, etc, or like chart patterns, candlestick patterns, etc.

Also, I feel that the capability of stock screeners also differ a lot for different price tag, so would suggest we can highlight them according to say
1. Free
2. Broker's platform
3. Subscription less than US$100
4. Professional (like Bloomberg or Reuters)

Just an opinion.


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I also agree with aenigma, good Screener Site. Recommend to others too.
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I really like Screener Site of yours..
Actually, I was searching for it. It will good for me to carry on.

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