I want to buy more stocks- should i wait?


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Obviously one cannot time the market but seems all arrows are pointing to a market correction in the short term. I want to purchase stocks like Visa, GE, Valeant, Tesla but do you feel it may be best to wait to get them on a dip? appreciate your feedback

shanelle, Yes, I believe a major correction is imminent in the U.S. market, probably beginning this fall, and some well known professionals are predicting it will be massive, much worse than the 2008 crash. Which would mean that long term put options/put option spreads would be the way to go. At least one trader I know of made millions of dollars doing that in 2008. Of course you'll have to know when to get out, otherwise whatever profits you made could be lost.


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I would suggest investing in some Artificial intelligence firm. Or companies producing wearable gadgets, this is going to be the next boom like mobile ohones


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In accounting and finance, equity is the remaining claim or interest of the most junior class of investor in assets after all liabilities are paid. Now we discuss about equity shares: Equity share is the type of share which is held by equity shareholders. Equity shareholders are the owners of the company. They are the real risk bearers. They may get dividend or they may not get the dividend. may help you to enjoy the maximum voting rights. In other words, we can say that Equity can be calculated by deducting total blame from total assets.


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Even I was looking for something to invest for the next year, as the dynamics are going to be very different in the next year for the stock market.
We all know the media always loves to hype things. They know that hype and fear are the things that attract viewers and readers. So I'll advise you to be calm before you buy. Don't fall for the media hype.


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I want to buy more stocks should i wait

I want to buy more stocks should i wait

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