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Sonic, kiran and blueocean gave me an idea that may be of interest to this forum. Can Admin and Moderators consider starting a thread that is related to Scams, Frauds, etc? This would be helpful to all forum members.


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hi ForexMike,
I would like to hear what other members think about this.
You are always free to start the thread as well...

I would recommend to post thread according forum, first of you should know about the categories in which category are you posting after that you post your thread .


I am agree with Mike. There should be a section related with scam or fraud where traders or member would allow to share their experience about scam that they faced. Traders also can share information about scam broker, signals provider and EA seller.


Although the proposal of Mike, is interesting,
would not it be more useful to create a thread "certified: no - scams" or "honest seller" 'honest broker "....
because we all know (through experience ) that most of the world of "forex" (95%) is dominated by cheating, deception:

-free system found on the net and repackaged with a new name and sold at exorbitant prices to gullible in search of wealth in 24 hours.

-Beautiful false advertising brokers who promise you anything as long as you sign and deposit funds into an account ....

The entire forum is dedicated to avoid fraud and unscrupulous sellers.

Have a thread that emphasizes honest sellers (all categories) would be more attratif and result in an emulation of the "best" rather than the current mediocrity.

Honest brokers and sellers have more customers.
And customers knowing they would not get ripped off, would pay the price of services.

One can always dream! :)


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first of all you should know about categories in which category are you posting your suggestions. and then post your thread...

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