My experience finding a .mq4 file linked here from Google


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I just want to share my experience here because I don't think it's even on the radar of whoever runs this forum.

I was drawn here by a search engine in my search to get a chart into MT4 for a basket of currencies. Just a chart.

I found this thread:

I tried to see the .mq4 file. I couldn't.
Instead of it being pasted in the thread as code it's as an attachment. So, in order to see the code I have to register on the forum. So... I have to register.

After signing up (which took longer than it should since images aren't labelled; I had to turn images on and wait that much longer for it all to arrive over satelite...) I try again to see the code.
This time I can't click the download button.
OK... it doesn't seem to be a bug, it seems that the forum is wanting me to spam a twitter or facebook account or make 5 posts of wait 10 days before I can see the code. OK...
I don't use Twitter and I use Facebook about once every few months. I'm not going to spam my friend on Facebook so...
I decide to signup to Twitter.

I signup.

After all this I do the requested tweet, shaking my head at the forced spamming as I do so.
I then try the Download button.

I try in Chromium, Firefox, Midori. Nothing.

This whole diversion cost me about an hour.

While I appreciate the desire to encourage people to share and also to reduce "leeching" can you see that this whole experience is really a great detriment, a chilling effect to browing online. I'm not wanting to moan - I expect no free entitlements. I just don't like my time being wasted and crucially I don't think this experience is what is intended by the setup - so I want to let you know that this is what's happening.

Hope this helps


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