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opions on white-coller and bule-coller


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People always want to be an white-coller on broad which who works in office with suits and tie.some people think this is a very good job,because they don?t like the sporter,needn?t wear the and play on the grand,when the summer come,they must wear the ,because they want to make them avoid to hurt.But the truth is that people who do munual work offten get more money than the white-collers. The reason why person perfer working in office than doing munual work is that they care more from others. For example, John Smith, we?ll call him Mr. Smith if he is in office, and we can him John if he just a dustman. According to this reason, people give up the higher payment and choose to be an white-coller. Obviously, this situation is not suitale for developing country, like our country. This is a little part of my presentation, we can talk later if you are interested in this issue. maybe it is good for some people,because they needn?t to wear the in the office,and they won?t fell so code than other people.
But we also can find some questions druing these,how to choose our job become an ioportant question.

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