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Hi friends

Trading profits don,t need a very complicated strategy. a simple thing a hint can break the market and bring you money.
here is something of that sort.
to start with it works on monthly charts.i tried it on weekly charts it still works.
This method is simple and useful.
I have seen this on ucsgears site.
The name is AKTREND and creator is Algokid-thanks to him.

code -Concept

//note =this code is not mq4-this is ninja script

// AK Trend ID Version 1.00
// This indicator simply identifies if the market are
// in a up or down trend.
// For SPX or SPY ONLY, Time Frame = Monthly
// Created by Algokid 7/23/2014
// Toronto, Canada

study("AK_TREND ID (M)")
input1 = 3, input2 = 8 ,

fastmaa = ema(close,input1)
fastmab = ema(close,input2)

bspread = (fastmaa-fastmab)*1.001

adline = 0

m = bspread > 0 ? lime : red

plot (adline,color = white)
plot(bspread, color = m)
barcolor( bspread > 0 ? green :red)

Somebody can code it easily into metatrader. it needs price on monthly chart,ema3 close,ema8 close, and in lower pane have PPO with ema3,ema8 and zero line.

concept as described by ak himself
"Are we at the top yet ? "........ " Is it a good time to invest ? " ......." Should I buy or sell ? " These are the many questions I hear and get on the daily basis.

1000's of investors do not know when to go in and out of the market. Most of them rely on the opinion of "experts" on television to make their investment decisions. Bad idea.
Taking a systematic approach when investing, could save you a lot of time and headache. If there was only a way to know when to get in and out of the market !! hmmmm. The good news is that there many ways to do that. The bad news is , are you disciplined enough to follow it ?

I coded the AK_TREND ID specifically to identified trends in the SPX or SPY only . How does it work ? very simply , I simply plot the spread between the 3 month and 8 month moving average on the chart.

If the spread > 0 @ month end = BUY
if the spread < 0 @ month end = SELL

The AK TREND ID is a LAGGING Indicator , so it will not get you in at the very bottom or get you out at the very top. I did a backtest on the SPX from 1984 to 7/2/2014 (yesterday), The rule was to buy only when the AK TREND ID was green. let's look at the result:

14 trades : 11 W 3 L , 78.75 % winning %
Biggest winner (%) = 108 %
Biggest loser (%) = -10.7 %
Average Return = 27 %
Total Return since 1984 = 351.3 %
You can see the result in detail here : hxxps://


a picture is attached


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