Posting Rule MUST READ!!!!Posting Rule MUST READ!!!


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1. Tittle post with direct link to http address will be directly erased. For example: Tittle with http:// or www will be erased.
2. To make request, post your request in specific room subfolder called request topic. Requesting post outside the request subfolder will be directly erased.
3. To create new post or topic, your topic discussion must be significant with its parent topic. Different topic discussion will be erased.
4. Link to another forum is not allowed (exception only for worldwide-invest link). There will be no warning for breaking this rule. But you will be banned directly after 3 times breaking this rule.
5. Use [REQ] in your title for requesting something or [ASK] for asking something
A. Likewise, place (Share) in the title when sharing or discussing new system or indicator and or Ea.
6. To prevent double post and to make our forum clean, always search your topic/files/e-books before posting by using the Search tool at the upper forum table
7. Double post maker will be banned when moderators have already tired with your behavior
8. All junk post will be directly erased. (Use thanks bottom want to thanks) And if we found that all of your posts were junks, we will warn you and directly erase all of your posts. We will also ban you if you still make junk posts continuously.
9. Do not repeat the question or asking at the same topic, example: if someone has request reupload you cant request reupload again, and if someone has ask for explanation you can not ask explanation anymore, or your post will be mark as junk.
10. Do not write with ALL CAPS
11. Do not put any email address at posting, if moderators find any email address, the post will be deleted.
12. When posting a new thread, try to make the title reflect the subject of your thread. This makes sorting and searching the forum much easier for the community.
13. Use Code Tag for every link you post Code: link .
14. You will not place a banner or picture at any time directly promoting any commercial enterprise.
15. You will not place any pictures or copyrighted material within a post created in this forum.
16. Any attempt to sell or collect money for private purposes is considered Spamming. (If not approved and placed in Commercial Portion of the Forum)

NB: If there are any violations on your post, Moderators can delete your posts at any time without notice.

example of junk post, Please do not make reply like this;
thank you for sharing!
Thanks you for the link
Thanks for your information
Thank you very much!
thank your very much for sharing
Thanks you dude
very very usefull, thank you
awesome dude. many thankl
I agree !!
Yes!! I agree !!
etc, etc

Please respect our rules to make this forum better and better ^:)^