Recent Occurrences With Forum Technical Issues


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Question, does the forum have the ability to notify all members with a pop up or a warning page when they log in stating that a technical issue is being worked on, (downloading...links) or that a new rule is now going into effect, (membership posting counts have changed to a new count if members attempt to download links).

Since we are currently having issues with both, this forum is being flooded with requests inquiring into these technical issues that exist and are also getting frustrated about new rules without any heads up.

The solution would be a pop up page would give members heads up on any new rules which they can click on that acknowledges that they understand the new rules.

A pop up page would also give heads up on any ongoing technical issues along with a time frame that states how long the problem would be fixed would deter members from leaving this forum and visiting others.

Can admin consider implementing this solution which would make this forum a better one for all members.



The idea is very good, as well, including former members, we know very well the rules and make them new knowledge to new members.
Great idea. This could say alot of time for the people running the forum as well as ease some of the frustration of all members and non members.

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