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Suggestion regarding new member postings



Within the past 7 days, we have one member that keeps jumping on the forum making 25-30 frivolous posting that are intelligible and are annoying the forum members all posted within a 45 minute period. This member is now on his 6th different user name within the same 7 day period. Two moderators have deleted his postings when he floods this forum. He uses an internet cafe which makes his ISP numbers appear to change.

One simple way to prevent these postings is to use a method used by another forum which is to monitor new members first 5 postings. These postings are viewed and either approved or disapproved by a moderator before they can be view on the forum. This cuts back on the flagrant abuse of member as the one described above. Also cuts back on spam postings that attack our forum.

Wishing everyone a great day.

(To the moderator that just caught the postings I was describing and deleting them, thanks for your time and effort that you put into cleaning up the mess. A forum that looks professional is one that members will continue to return to....thanks to you and other moderators!)

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