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Teamspeak 3 Voice Chat Trading Room?

Hey everyone, a thought just occurred to me. Would anyone like to voice chat using Teamspeak 3? I am in no way trying to take away from the forums here! It's just a way for us to communicate in real time whether we're in a trade or shooting the breeze. Let me know. I have a server. It can support 10 people at this time, but if the demand is great enough, I will pay more to open more slots. I can make rooms for different trade systems if you like and/or we can have one big lobby to bounce ideas off of.

Again...if this is a violation of the forums, please don't kick me. I can easily delete my post if need be. I'm just trying to help people out. By the way, my native language is English, but EVERYONE is welcome!

I'll post the IP and Port address if you guys are interested! I'll also post the link as to where to download the Teamspeak software. It's free for you! I pay the server fee. It supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, FreeBSD! Thanks!
How to join the voice chat room.

First download the CLIENT version of Teamspeak 3 (TS3) that is appropriate for your operating system. Do not download the SERVER version.

Here is the link.

Next install the application.

Open the application and go to the upper left window where it says ?Connections?.

A drop down menu will appear. Select ?Connect? from this menu.

The ?Connect? window will then appear.

In the ?Server Address? field put the following:

That number is the IP address and port number. The port number comes after the ?:? symbol.

Then give yourself a ?Nickname?.

There is no password at this time.

Then press the ?Connect? button in the ?Connect? window.

You will start in a room called ?Welcome?.

Any room labeled "Stepped Away For A Bit" is muted. You will see a letter "M" next to the room name. This means the room is muted. You can still type messages though.

You can hop to the Forex Trading room that I created by double clicking it.

If you see someone you can double click their name and send them a personal message for their eyes only. Or you can send a message to the whole room. It?s up to you. You will notice tabs at the bottom of the screen and a field to type. The tab that is in white is the current tab that your typed messages will post to. If you have any questions let me know. This should be pretty straight forward?but sometimes you can?t help but get snagged a bit. Hope to see you guys soon!


Just a tip if you're not sure if you're mic is working. Make sure you go to "settings", "options" and "capture". Then look for "capture device". Make sure you have the right input device for your microphone selected. Then decide how your voice is going to be picked up. Do you want to press and hold a button when you talk? Or do you want voice activation detection? I use voice activation. Just make sure to adjust the sensitivity accordingly. Now you can click "begin test" to test your mic. If you hear yourself then your mic is working. Congrats!

The room can now support 25 people. If more spaces are necessary, I can expand. :) Enjoy!
Apparently very good idea. I'm not an experienced trader but have some success with big help of WWI Forum. I'll join this room if it can help for me as well as alot of others like me.



I have joined the room also, and we are working on wid breakout system from Monday

feel free to join and discuss your ideas also



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this is starting to take shape, guys.
Maybe i'll come by and peak my head in sometimes next week.
I'm not sure if everyone has decided whether the chat room would be purely to call out good signals....or to use it for tutorials and other stuff too?
I'm asking this because I've been to a couple of chat rooms, and they could get out of hand if you don't set the rules ahead of time.
Is there a way for the chat room to distinguish normal chat vs. a live trade call? Kinda like the ones used by some of the live signal providers out there....
Hello. I didn't see the thread get moved until now, thus my late reply. There are definitely concerns regarding a chat room and how it will be regulated. I was hoping that everyone would be respectful of one another, but when it gets larger there may be many ideas coming out at once. I will say that the chat room can be easily modified. Rooms can be made that focus on certain topics if need be. So far there is a Main (parent) forex trading room. Beneath it are three sub-rooms names 1)stepped away for a bit (it's no voice chat), 2)teamviewer 7 and 3) general forum chat. It's very flexible and new rooms can be made in an instant. Right now it's trial and error. I have a feeling that the more serious traders will join and thus we'll have little difficulty with having an orderly discussion etc. Regarding having a call room, that could happen too. I was hoping to make rooms dedicated to the system that is being traded within it. Just an idea. I'm flexible. :)


For the time being why dont we use Face book chat ? This is the link for WWI Face book:


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MJ has put up a chat box that can be accessed under the Forum menu:
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thank you everyone.
I think I'm doing something wrong. The setup had more options than listed above. When I put in the IP addr everything disappeared on the left panel. Can someone please advise?


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