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Wheres the EDIT option to edit the msgs?

Hello Admin. I am unable to find the EDIT option to edit my msgs, every now n then theres a spelling mistake or something to edit the posts but i cant find it, have a look. thanks

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Don't worry my friend. Neither can I.

Hello MJ and Mods. Please forgive me for any infractions that I may have caused. I am truly sorry and did not mean any harm in any way to this excellent forum. Although thinking back now, maybe it was because of a certain post I had put up not thinking that it would cause any harm, and out of boredom I uploaded it. Well if my editing privileges are returned, it will not happen again. I will even delete that post if you want me to. Just let me know.

Best regards


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currently , they have not any option for editing post reply of post.
hope this type of development work , will do as early as possible

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