WWI issues.

Hi Admin.

This is what peachy is talking about in chatbox. Here are the video!

And there comes double posts, if you will click post reply more then once while waiting!

It took 3 minutes for post to be posted!

Please fix it... It really is bad.

Regards, Cammo.

P.S - Sorry for the background sound, it is comming from the club in basement.


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thank you for reporting that if you press Contact us we can work faster to fix any error , thread and chat Box are not for support .

We will do our best to fix that .

thank you


after re-installed my windows, first time to comeback to this forum, somehow, it is very slow. it should be advertisement site.

yes, I do understand that need advertisement site to keep this forum alive, however, it just super slow, like loading a page, maybe 3 minutes.

also as a programer my self, I do not know why the page always have to keep reading form the wwi site, does the forum does not using cache? if so, change to using cache. that will load the forum faster, without using the database.

owner, please taking care of that, I am sure that is what most people want.

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